Here's a hastily-thrown-together, far-from-exhaustive, semi-reverse-chronological list of people and bands I've played gigs and/or recorded with:

Pastel Motif

Oakland Opera Theater’s production of Duke Ellington’s “Queenie Pie”

Smith Dobson V

Rubber City, with David Slusser and Ralph Carney

Werner Herzog's "Grizzly Man" soundtrack



Oakland Opera Theater's production of “X, The Life And Times Of Malcolm X” by Anthony Davis


Elliott Sharp

The Pornorchestra


Myles Boisen's Past-Present-Future

John Schott's Dream Kitchen

Henry Kaiser

Droneshift 2005

Guerrilla Hi-Fi

Freddie Roulette

Barry Melton

Oakland Opera Theater's productions of "Akhnaten" by Phillip Glass

and "Four Saints in Three Acts" by Virgil Thompson and Gertrude Stein

Floyd Dixon

Brenda Boykin

Barbara Morrison

Oneness Rhythm Exercise

Apes of God

Jonathan Segel

Victor Krummenacher

Steve Kirk Pop

The Voodoo Vince Band

John Hanes Trio

Scott Thunes

Orchestra Nostalgico

Engorged With Blood

Steve Kimmock

Bobby Vega

Harvey Mandel

The Mysteries

Fillmore Slim

Paris Slim

Otis Clay

Etta James

Bonnie Raitt

Boz Scaggs

Ronnie Montrose

Jorma Kaukonen


Romeo Void

The Soul Rebels

Pearl Harbor and the Explosions

Leila and the Snakes

John Hanes

I’ve been living and drumming in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1977. In the last few years, I’ve developed an interest in computer-assisted sound-play.

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